GB Commercial Catering Equipment maintain and repair the following Electric Goldstein Catering Equipment in Commercial Kitchens in the hunter region of NSW

  • Goldstein Char Broilers- Goldstein Electric Ranges
  • Goldstein Electric Fryers
  • Goldstein Electric Ovens
  • Goldstein Electric Cooktops
  • Goldstein Electric Griddles
  • Goldstein Electric Salamanders
  • Goldstein Electric Bratt Pans
  • Goldstein Electric Vision Series Cooking Centres
  • Goldstein Electric Victory Series Combi Steamers
  • Goldstein Electric Pizza Ovens

We also service, maintain and repair Gas Goldstein Commercial Catering Equipment including…

  • Goldstein Gas Ranges
  • Goldstein Gas Cooktops
  • Goldstein Gas Ovens
  • Goldstein Gas Griddles
  • Goldstein Gas Toasters
  • Goldstein Gas Fryers
  • Goldstein Gas Char Broilers
  • Goldstein Gas Glo Broilers
  • Goldstein Gas Pasta Cookers
  • Goldstein Gas Teppanyaki Plates
  • Goldstein Gas Salamanders
  • Goldstein Gas Bratt Pans
  • Goldstein Gas Pizza Ovens
  • Goldstein Gas Convetion Ovens
  • Goldstein Gas Vision Series Cooking Centres

If your equipment type is not shown here and it is produced by Goldstein please contact us to arrange for a service technician to discuss your item.

GB Commercial Catering Equipment is based in Newcastle NSW and has serviced the Hunter Region as GB Electrical Contractors for over 30 years.

The Goldstein Catering Equipment Story

Goldstein is one of Australia’s premier Food Service Equipment manufacturers.

The company designs and builds its “Goldstein” cooking equipment specifically to suit Australian conditions, at its modern Manufacturing facility in Smithfield, NSW. Distribution and after sales service are looked after through the company’s state offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

All Goldstein equipment carries a full twelve month warranty, ably supported by our regional office and accredited service agents around the country.

Goldstein guarantees to carry spare parts for its catering equipment a minimum of ten years after you buy your machine.

Goldstein is committed to providing unrivaled service levels to their customers, offering the best equipment for Australian conditions, supported by sales and service teams with the highest degree of expertise.